Health & Happiness – The Challenge

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6-Week Challenge To Kickstart A Healthy And Happy Life

Are you ready to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life? To feel good inside out?

If so, take an action and hop on board to embrace your true potential and kickstart your dream life!

I have partered up with an amazing healthcare specialist and lifestyle coach named Sara Adolfsen to offer you this online challenge with detailed guidance and support for creating a healthier and happier life. Whatever your goals are, in this 6-week challenge we will walk you through activities and processes that will help you set up your goals and achieve them with ease and clarity. We guide you in creating a healthier and happier life. To be the best version of yourself and to start your dream life. 

What will you get?

  • Confidence, happiness and calmness.
  • Self-compassion and self love.
  • Tools, knowledge and support to create healthy eating habits, exercise and self care routines with ease.
  • Strategies to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals without stress and force.
  • Tools and inspiration to create the best version of yourself and start your dream life.


Once you sign up you will receive my digital Happiness Strategy workbook to help you to clarify your goals for the challenge.

Week 1: MINDSET – Setting up goals and envisioning dreams, letting go of self-limiting beliefs
Week 2: CONFIDENCE, SELF LOVE AND SELF CARE –  Turning negative thoughts to positive, creating a self care routine.
Week 3: HEALTHY HABITS WITH EASE – Eating habits, exercise routines, mindfulness, sleeping and more.
Week 4: RELATIONSHIPS – Improve your relationships and surround yourself with positivity.
Week 5: CAREER, ACTIVITIES AND HOBBIES – Focusing on the things that give joy and strength, strategies to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals without stress and force.

There will be:

  • Daily tasks and daily support (Mon-Fri)
  • 6 video trainings + 3 live video trainings
  • 6 Q&A’s
  • Private Facebook group for support and mastermind

Investment: $220