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Turning self-limiting beliefs to positive affirmations

You probably know the saying “What you think, you become.” Of course, life isn’t all that straightforward, but there is a lot truth behind this saying. Our mind, body and soul are all connected. Therefore all our thoughts, feelings and beliefs have an effect on our bodies, our actions and […]

Spoonie In Biz

It’s now been over 5 months that I’ve been back to working full time after over a year long sick leave and rehabilitation period. Things are going good. I’ve regained my confidence big time, I’ve learned to manage my illness and I’m finally getting my life back. This time a […]

My Top 5 Happiness Hacks

  Happiness is a solid foundation of well-being. Over the last years, I’ve studied happiness a lot. Here are my top 5 happiness life hacks, from my experience and the things I’ve learned along the way. 1. Live in the now Mindfulness has certainly earned its reputation as a powerful […]

Your Dreams Are Your Destiny

I have been thinking about dreams today – and fear. Many of us, myself included, have found ourselves in situations where we settle and remain still out of fear. We operate under an assumption that the vision we hold for our lives is so unattainable that we can’t catch it. […]

My Story

Hello there! I’m Jannika Julin – a chronic illness warrior and eternal seeker of optimal health and happiness. I have a chronic illness called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It’s not a life-threatening condition, but it’s progressively disabling. It’s been a long journey to learn how to live fully and fulfill my dreams […]

Headspace For Chronic Pain

Everyone who knows me or has followed my journey knows that I’m really into learning about all drug-free methods to control the symptoms of my illness and my chronic pain. I’m also a big fan of mindfulness meditation so you can imagine how excited I was when lovely Sara from […]